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Yorktown Beach Family Maternity

There is something about being pregnant that makes a women glow. I know it sounds so cliche but its true. I realized that after having your own child, you view pregnant women much differently. You look at them and instantly see their beauty. You also can relate to their fears, and excitement for their new journey without even talking to them.

When I first met Jessica, she was hosting a mom's "Dip Night". The small group of ladies already knew each other and I was the "new girl". I was welcomed right in and I felt like I left that night with a great new group of mom friends who are not only hilarious but also very supportive.

Flash forward a few weeks later as I meet her sweet family at Yorktown Beach for photos- I look down to see a Finding Nemo band-aid on her big toe. The night before ,she had an accident with her husbands foot, and off came her toe nail. Her outlook on it? "I was hoping to get a pedicure before I have the baby, but maybe now Ill get a 9 toe discount!" I love this girl!

You can instantly tell from the photos that there is so much love in this family. Conner is so precious and absolutely loves his mommy and daddy. I feel so blessed that I had the opportunity to capture this beautiful season in their lives.

Cora, I can't wait to meet you!

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