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Baby Rolls got me like..

If baby rolls don't get you excited and ready to burst with joy- you should probably stop reading now - but I doubt anyone in the world wouldn't look at sweet baby Tucker and not melt!

I am lucky enough to have Tucker live two doors down from me. He has two really cool parents and two even more awesome siblings, Tyson and Tessa. They have been so kind and welcoming to us since we moved into the neighborhood. Both of their older kids are SO SWEET to Sophia. They stop and give her hugs and high-fives. Tessa knows how much Sophia loves rocks so she is always helping her find them. Recently I have been giving them golf cart rides around the neighborhood and up to the playground. They enjoy it and Sophia just loves being around them!

When Erin reached out to me about taking a few shots of Tucker I squealed on the inside. Guys this little man is an absolute dream. He is ALWAYS happy and smiling. I love his cute little grin and I could write an entire blog post about his rolls. Oh em geeeee!

Erin reached out with " I want to take a picture of Tucker in this sweet little outfit I ordered but I don't want it to look like a selfie.. ha ha ha

I obviously have a lot of experience photographing Sophia who is CONSTANTLY on the move and never looking at the camera, so it was refreshing to have Tucker sit in one place and just stare at me and smile (and drool) - it was a DREAM! He loved playing with the sand and surprisingly he didn't try and eat any.

What you don't see in these photos is Sophia waist deep in the water. Ha ha I didn't think about it but she has never been to the beach without being able to get in. Big bother Tyson ran in to grab her. She screamed but he took charge and carried her out kicking and screaming. Tessa was wearing the most beautiful princess necklace (of her mothers) and watched in slight horror as Sophia had her fit.

It was by far the least challenging and quickest kids session I've had and some of my absolute favorite shots.

Tucker, take your time growing up and growing out of those rolls. Perfection like that should last forever.

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