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A Special Family Session

One of the best parts of being a photographer is who you get to meet. I absolutely love taking pictures of my 17 month old daughter Sophia. She is the light of my life, but lets face it- she does not always want to be in front of the camera. She would much rather be in the dirt and playing with her rocks and sticks. So much so that the other day I was chatting with my neighbor and he said, "Oh look its Sophia favorite stance!" She was squatting, hunched over picking up some small rocks from the driveway. He noticed because a lot of the photos I post of her have that "signature" pose. Bless her heart! #letthembelittle

The opportunity to meet new people who more than likely become friends is such a blessing, so when Olivia reached out to me about a session, I was very excited to meet her and her family.

From far away I could see her daughter Fiona running across the park field as they arrived for the session. She was obviously either very excited to have her photos taken (probably not) or pumped to have an open field to just RUN! Soon there after I saw Fraiser their 2 year old following behind. I love kids, and I find a lot of joy photographing them because , its how I started out, and two you can almost guarantee in one way or another it will be a challenge. Im always up for a challenge.

I would be remised not to mention Olivia's amazing fuchsia dress that she wore. The dress was MADE FOR HER and our setting that afternoon. #outfitgoals

Being the smart mom she was, she had them bring along a toy of their choice. Fraser's was a train car, and Fiona's was a stuffed clydesdale from Busch Gardens. These toys were used as well as the couch to get them excited and into the pictures. We posed the horse in some of the shots and others the horse was prancing overtop of my head (thanks to my wonderful assistant- my husband Miguel). We ran and played in the woods, and we even jumped on the couch! I am certain at some point, or even a lot of points during our session, Olivia or her husband questioned if they would get a decent photo from the entire session. But I assured them as I was shooting just how cute everything was turning out. Here are some of my favorites from the session. I live by the motto -Sometimes you just have to get silly!

I shared their gallery with them and I was so honored to find out that this was the first family photos that they have had since their sweet boy Fraiser joined their family! I felt honored to be able to capture this season in their life and I hope to have the opportunity to capture even more!

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