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Personal Branding Photography for a Local Small Business || Williamsburg, VA

Hi, I’m Caroline Johnson, and I recently took a risk, left my day job, and started my own small business!

I started Line Writing Co. to provide social media content, blog writing, and other written content needs for personal and business use. When starting your own business, there truly are SO many things to think about. I am a very visual person, so branding (well, to be honest I didn’t really know what it was called at first!) was on the top of my list. This is where Elizabeth Collado Photography comes in!

I reached out to Elizabeth because I had seen her recommended on a local Facebook page. I knew she had a talented eye and that she was someone I was interested in working with. I reached out simply looking for headshots, but after a few emails and a phone call, I knew branding was the way to go. Branding is what creates not only the look, but the feel of a business. I wanted people to see my business as one that was fresh, inviting, and warm.

I wanted potential clients to be able to see who I am and why I’m passionate about what I do.

The idea of a branding session was somewhat daunting at first. I wasn’t sure where to start, but Elizabeth gave me the advice of just pulling together objects and things that represent me. This meant that my beloved dog

and house were photographed just as much as I was. It also helps that my entire living room is the same color scheme as my website and logo…win-win! I assembled a few material items such as a new notebook, my laptop, fresh flowers, my favorite pen, my glasses, and a bowl of Hershey kisses. These made up some of the detail shots. Elizabeth also took photos of a painting in my home, my dog, and some other decorations that matched the color and look we were going for.

We started in my house, taking photos in my living room. These felt beyond natural and I feel like truly showed the “real” side of my business. Nothing was polished, I was in a relaxed outfit, and I felt at home. We then moved outdoors and finally into Barnes and Noble. You would never be able to tell that my headshot was in a crowded coffee shop Elizabeth has such an eye and ability to transform the mundane backgrounds into one that is clear and focused on her subject.

I have used Elizabeth’s photos all over my site as well as on my Facebook page for my business. I really do feel my branding photos are a perfect balance of business and comfort – which is exactly what I dreamed of! If you’re considering doing branding photos for your business, go for it. There’s never a perfect time, and never a perfect place to start. I’ve been learning this lately and these photos came at the time when I was just starting out and still figuring out a plan. However, they truly show who I am, the kind of business I am running, and what is important to me.

I am so thankful for Elizabeth for her talent and time in making these branding photos a reality. I am so proud to share them with the world and would recommend working with her to anyone! Having branding photos done for your business is the perfect way to showcase who you are and what is behind your business. I find that people gravitate towards the real, which is something I’m dedicated to continuing with my business as it grows.

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