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Fall (in 80 degree weather)

Growing up seasons and holidays were always big deal. We always decorated the house and we always celebrated with dressing up and going to different events. My parents always made it a big deal and tons of fun. Now having a child of my own, its one of the best parts of "adulting"! I can remember in college thinking "I can't wait until I have a kid so I have an excuse to .....#doallthethings". I most definitely could wait but now that time is here.

Fall 2017 is starting off rather hot- and when I mean hot I mean, muggy, humid, sticky hot. I avoided going outside at all costs today as it basically felt like a sweaty armpit outside. I am a festive fanatic so the weather won't keep me from being festive- even if it is outside.

This past weekend we took Sophia to the Newport News Fall Festival. Im sure its changed its name but thats what we have always called it. We went when we were little and we always had a blast. We ate yummy food and went on hay rides, and bought cute handcrafted toys. So now that Sophia is old enough to halfway enjoy it (don't worry, I took her last year too and she was asleep for the entire event, but I sure had a good time! (Bless Miguel's heart- he puts up with a lot to make me happy)). As we were walking out of the house he looks at her outfit and said, "Could she wear some actual pants? She isn't going to gymnastics". Boy Please! Flash Forward to all of the people who commented on just how cute she looked- and his ear to ear grin each time they did! #momknowsbest

We went straight to the food and while we were deciding on which fair food we were going to partake in, Sophia locked eyes with the air dancer and instantly became obsessed. It was so cute. She would laugh at it , wave to it and blow kisses. Once we finished eating (crab cake sandwich for Miguel , fried rice for Sophia and I - I know not your typical choice but delicious non the less) and two free Tropical Smoothie Smoothies, we took her back to her air dancer boyfriend. I didn't know what they were called until I googled it and now it seems quite obvious. She was ticked pink...until Miguel took her up close and personal. We learned quickly she loved him most from far away.

We took pictures at all of the cute photo set ups because DUH!

We came up on this lady on stage doing what she described as a form of belling dancing- their faces say it all. #scarredforlife

The most fun was watching Sophia at the pumpkin patch. She was excited to see that many pumpkins. She was so proud of herself as she pushed that John Deer wheel barrow around. We also picked up two Christmas gifts for her grandmothers at the festival. I don't want to spill the surprise here in case they read this post- so we will definitely blogabout it during the Christmas holiday as it is by far the most special and precious gift of all! (Yes I am jealous I did not get myself one).

So lets all say a little prayer for cooler temps so that we can start enjoying fall while participating in outdoor activities sweat free!

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