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Investing in the Things that Mean the Most || Custom Portrait Artisit || Elizabeth Collado - William

I love to shop! Everyone that knows me knows that fact. So much so that my daughter's closet is busting at the seams with clothes that are too small, just her size and even more that she will eventually grow into. There are some pieces in her wardrobe that were investments (ha ha he can you really call buying clothes an investment)? and some that I know won't last long. I know the brands of shoes that I will spend a small fortune on but I KNOW they will last all summer, and then hold their value and I can re-sell. (The children's clothing market is just as crazy as the adult's).

It got me thinking the other day what others "invest in". Some people spend their hard earned money on clothes, others on shoes or handbags. Some folks invest in their vacations, and others in their children's sports activities. Everyone has what is special to them and they will save up to invest their money on those things.

What do you invest in?

What is so special to you that you spend your hand earned money on?

Photos are something that I think oftentimes gets looked past when we start thinking about investing. So many people rely on their cell phones to capture a special memory and often are reluctant to take the time out to get those memories captured by a professional, and commissioned into custom artwork. (Can you imagine 30 years from now, how you will be able to show friends and family the photos you took back in 2018....if you are not printing them or creating archival albums)?

Yes photography, of all kinds, in an investment. It is an investment that should last longer than a lifetime if done right. If you are someone who invests in photography, what have you had done with those images?

Were they given to you on a disk?

A thumb drive?

Did you download them onto your computer?

How many of those images are displayed around your home?

How many of those images did you have printed and gifted to a family member?

One of the main reasons why I am a full service boutique photographer is because so often the answer to those questions is, no.

No, I never got around to printing off the images from our session.

No, I couldn't decide which image I liked and where I wanted to put it in our home.

No, I didn't know what I should order, canvas, a print, an album.

No, I dont know what I will do if my heard drive crashes with all of my digital memories.

I help walk my clients though every step of the process. This keeps the decision making from seeming overwhelming. I come to your home and I measure the spaces where you are thinking of adding artwork. We talk specifically about the types of portraits you are looking to have done and during the session, I am thinking about all of this to make sure when when the reveal and ordering appointment arrives, I have perfect options for you and your family to choose from.

I design custom artwork that you can not find anywhere else and that is of the absolute best quality, which is something I pride myself on. These pieces are all created with archival materials so they will not warp or discolor over time. They will look the exact same when your young child is sharing them with their family 40 years from now. (Lets let that sink in for a moment).

The next time someone asks you about the beautiful portrait of your family over your mantle or hanging as they walk into your home, I want you think think in your mind, "That was such a great investment".

If you would like to chat over coffee or FaceTime about investing in portrait photography for your family, I would love to connect!

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